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Important Note

We have completled the migration of the repository right here (using SVN) to github.

The last SVN commit was made on September 3, 2014.

You can acccess the new repository at:


OpenUDS Developers Team

Welcome to UDS

UDS Is an Open Source project, initiated by spanish company VirtualCable and released Open Source with the help of several Spanish Universities.

There is an enterprise supported version that can be accessed through Uds Enterprise Site

Currently, we have the help & support of (in alphabetical order):

UDS is an acronym for Universal Desktop Services, and it's aimed to provider a broker of IP services (general ip services).

You can see the UDS documentation generated using Sphinx looking at Documentation of UDS (work in progress)

UDS Has been depeloped using the following languages:

  • Python: v2.7 for Core, Web interface and backgroupd workers. v2.6 (or greater) for Linux Actor and NX addon for Linux actor
  • C#: Administration interface & Windows Actor
  • Java: Transports (as applets)
  • C/C++: Pam module for tunneler & JNI Library used with RDP Transport under Windows.

The project has been depeloped using the following IDEs:

  • Eclipse. See EclipseSetup to know how to set up eclipse for use with project.
  • Visual C# 2010 Express
  • Visual C++ 2010 Express

To contact development team, you can do it by email at agomez [at]

You can ask for registered access at same email address agomez [at] This will grant you full access to trac.