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#3 Using L2 cache causes "leaked" running machines Backend defect 03/03/13

Under version 1.1 and previous, use of Cache Level 2 causes under some circunstances to "leak" running machines, leaving these out of the broker but "alive".

Although use of cache level 2 is already "Experimental", there will be a good thing to fix this up.

#4 Generate a "Meta Group", a group composed by other groups Backend Meta Groups enhancement 03/04/13

There is some report from actual users, that there will be a good enhacement the hability co "Compose" a group from other groups.

The idea behind this is simple. An user belongs to a "Meta group" if and only if the user belongs to ALL the groups the "Meta group" contains.

So, for example, we have theese groups: USER, ADMIN, LOCATION1, LOCATION2

And we have defined these Meta Groups:

  • "Admins at location 1", composed of ADMIN and LOCATION1
  • "Users at location 2", composed of USER and LOCATION2

And we have these users (users: groups to whicht this users belongs to) USER1: USER, LOCATION1 USER2: USER, ADMIN, LOCATION1 USER3: USER, ADMIN, LOCATION1, LOCATION2 USER4: USER, LOCATION2 The users will belong also to theese metagroups: USER1: (nothing more) USER2: "Admins at location 1" USER3: "Admins at location 1", "Users at location 2" USER4: "Users at location 2"

I think this is a versatile way of mixing groups and get a good functionality to simple current groups.

#5 Group editing Backend Meta Groups enhancement 03/04/13

Right now, there is no "edit" option for groups at administration interface. This should be a good thing to implement :-)

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